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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have become incredibly popular amongst individual and institutional investors across the globe. 

 Many have been leaning more towards investing in hedge funds relating to the cryptocurrency industry instead of the individual cryptocurrencies.

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"Bitcoin Will One Day Be Worth 40 Times Price It Is Now."


"There is 200 Trillion dollars tied up in stocks, bonds, gold & cash. I am not excited about putting my money into any of those 4 options right now. If 1% of that 200 Trillion finds it's way into cryptocurrencies over the next 10 years you'd be looking at a 2 Trillion Valuation. 12X what it is today."

19 Industries Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt

Given how many new crypto-millionaires were minted in 2017, complete newbies and others with little understanding of the technology or investment experience rushed in to capitalize. 

Many have started funds with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at or near all-time highs.

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